Friday, 29 May 2009

From pillar to post

Georgian pillar box on Asline Rd.
Bit annoyed this morning, my phone battery went as I was walking to work so I only had time to take one pic. I was relying on the morning walk for today's photo because I'm busy all afternoon/evening.
But hey, the sun was out, it's payday and I'm finishing work at lunchtime... and I took a picture of a post box?!
Only on closer inspection of the photo I found it to be a George V pillar box, so it dates between 1910 and 1936. They're not so rare, but there's less of them than the boxes installed since Elizabeth II has been on the throne. I like it when things survive time, conditions and adversity.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Big name, small place

The Great Big Sandwich Shop on Matilda Way.
Now I know nothing of this place and have only noticed it recently, but I have had good reviews from someone at work. Whilst looking for info on it I also found a conflicting review that also mentioned that the size of the shop was 'modest'. Without going in I can't comment, but it looks tiny, exaggerated by the fact that it's on stilts. It's on my list of place to visit, I'll update when I have.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Three Tuns

The pub as seen from further down Lee Croft.
Right on the corner of Silver Street Head and Lee Croft sits one of Sheffield's more interesting looking pubs. I couldn't find its year of establishment but one website says it dates back to the 1700s, although I would have suspected mid-1800s. The site does say there was apparently a pub that stood on the same spot before the current one and that there is in-depth rumours of ghostly goings-on.
I have only drank in there once (which is surprising as I work around the corner) but it seems a lovely little pub and is always packed after work.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The sunny side of the street

The Washington Road view of the flats.
Having a quick search for some history on these flats, I must say that I couldn't find any that wasn't fairly recent news of a robbing and a shooting. But despite that in today's afternoon sunshine the place seemed to be filled with community spirit. I crossed the street to walk in the sun along that side of the road and became fascinated by people's verandas. The effort/lack of effort that the different tenants take and the contrast of views left to passers by is interesting to see.

Reminder of industries passed

The old Johnson & Appleyards HQ as seen from the top of Fargate.
As there was no post yesterday (Bank Holiday) I will be doing 2 today.
Since doing this blog I've been 'looking' more when walking to and from work. Just last week I looked up and saw something I'd never seen before. On this building - Yorkshire House, which is now home to H.L. Brown jewellers I noticed an engraving in the stone work. It states that the tenants of the building were Cabinet Makers 'By special appointment to H.R.H The Prince of Wales' - the older one, not Charles, as it's circa 1890. The company was Johnson & Appleyard.
As I'm just using my camera phone at the moment I couldn't take a good enough quality pic of the plaque, so I will follow this post up at some point with a nice close-up. For a good insight into Johnson & Appleyard visit this website.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Sheffield's smallest hotel?

The Cross Burgess St view of the hotel.
Living on a road called Blair Athol Road as a kid made me always notice this building when i was in town, usually when we were leaving Cole Brothers (now John Lewis) from back or side entrances. I never actually realised that it was the back of the building. The Athol Hotel was a pub, that has now been closed for over 40 years, the main entrance being on the corner of Pinstone St and Cambridge St (what is now Quicksilver Gamers Centre, a fruit machine hole).

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Old and new

The old Midland Bank at No.1 Ecclesall Rd infront of the new Premier Inn
Slightly carrying on from yesterdays post, I've snapped another shot of the building progress of Sheffield. This time though it's contrasted against a building that has been around for so long it has taken on many incarnations. Unfortunately I'm doing this post in a bit of a rush so haven't had a chance to dig about it (please do comment if you have any info). I believe it started life as a Midland Bank and can't quite remember but think it might have still been in my lifetime. More recently it has been an Italian restaurant and is now Baan Thai restaurant. It's address is No.1 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, quite a prestigious address for the city, let's just hope that the developments around 'No.1' help with it's prestige.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

On the up

St Paul's tower, and surrounding buildings, from below.
I don't know why it is but I've always wanted Sheffield to have skyscrapers. It must be something to do with my interest in the buildings of New York or something, but at last we seem to be moving in the right direction ↑.
It's great to find new places in a city that you know, especially when they are actually new places... not just somewhere that you've never been before. In building St Paul's Place it has created new views of the city that you couldn't previously see. I know Sheffield's new towers aren't exactly skyscrapers but at least we're starting to get a new dimension.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Abbeydale Picture House

The view of the Picture House from Machon Bank.
Nearly everywhere I have lived in Sheffield has meant travelling past Abbeydale Picture House en route to the city centre ("town"). For the most part I knew it as Drakes (an office equipment company), as this was the name of the company that owned the building from the mid-seventies. I've never been inside, but am going to make an effort to do so now. For a good insight into the Picture House visit their website.

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