Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Running late

The morning bus on the way to work.
Most of the pictures I take for this blog are taken on my way to and from work. On occasion though I am running a little late and don't have the 45 minutes to walk to work - this results in getting the bus. I hate it. I think the public transport (buses predominantly) system in Sheffield is awful. Through the nose prices for a second rate service, on some of the worst roads in the country, I'll cease rant now :)


Anonymous said...

I understand the need to rant but I am so fed up with folks bitching about the crappy public transport where ever they live. I live where there is no public transport. Suck it up.

SW said...

I understand what you're saying, but fact of the matter is that Sheffield does have a public transport system, and it costs a small fortune to use it, with a quality that I don't think is worth the prices (this is a personal blog with personal opinion).
It's more rant at getting ripped off than anything else. So I do 'suck it up' by walking 6 miles a day (apart from when I'm running too late to walk - maybe once a month) :)

irquista said...

I haven't used the buses in Sheffield. I guess from this post they suck as much as anywhere. However I have used the tram, and that seems to be terrific!

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