Thursday, 21 May 2009

Old and new

The old Midland Bank at No.1 Ecclesall Rd infront of the new Premier Inn
Slightly carrying on from yesterdays post, I've snapped another shot of the building progress of Sheffield. This time though it's contrasted against a building that has been around for so long it has taken on many incarnations. Unfortunately I'm doing this post in a bit of a rush so haven't had a chance to dig about it (please do comment if you have any info). I believe it started life as a Midland Bank and can't quite remember but think it might have still been in my lifetime. More recently it has been an Italian restaurant and is now Baan Thai restaurant. It's address is No.1 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, quite a prestigious address for the city, let's just hope that the developments around 'No.1' help with it's prestige.

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Hilda said...

I love this photo! Wonderful contrast, but I really hope that the small and historical architectural gems don't get neglected or, worse, demolished in Sheffield's upwards development!

Welcome to the CDPB community! Looking forward to learning a bit about Sheffield through your eyes. Happy photoblogging!

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