Wednesday, 24 June 2009

St Paul's Parade

The view from Cole Brothers (John Lewis) car park.
I had a little more time on the walk to work today so I thought I'd try something different. I had actually taken photo of St Paul's Parade the other day (I will post link here later, keep checking), as it's one of my favourite stretches of the city centre, but favoured a different shot for the blog instead.
As I came round the corner I noticed the Cole Brothers (John Lewis) car park and thought I'd try and get to the top and take some shots. I went to the top but the walls are too high up there, so i dropped down a level.
I thought I'd have a play with this 'tilt-shift' effect as when I'
ve seen it before I've always thought it looked great. With all the re-generation that's going to be happening around there I thought I'd try and make it look a bit like an architect's model.

You can see the original here (left), notice the fantastic red stone front buildings running down to St Paul's Place, you don't get many more of this style in Sheffield. I can't find any quick info on the history of these buildings, so please do comment if you know anything, I will update if/when i find out anything.

UPDATE: I've just noticed, on viewing the published post, that the building in the front-left of the photo is the Salvation Army building from yesterday's post. You can see the turret style tops to the wall. In fact it's almost an unintentional complete reversal of the previous post :)


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